Medical Gas and Respiratory
  • Anesthetic Gas
  • Medical Air (Oxygen and Compressed Air)
  • Nitrogen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Sterilization Gas
Oksigen (O2)
Oxygen in the form of O2 is produced from water by cyanobacteria, algae and plants during photosynthesis and is used in cellular respiration for all complex life. Today, the atmosphere consists of approximately 21 percent Oxygen, and is also a valuable source of raw material for an entire industry.
Metallurgy :
Furnace lancing, Continuous casting, Oxy fuel burner,  Flame enrichment, Flame processing, Metallizing, Welding, Oxy fuel cutting, Heat treating, Cutting
Chemical and Petrochemical :
Plastic finishing, Catalytic regeneration
Electric and Electronic :
Agriculture :
Packaging MA/CA (Modified Atmosphere/Controlled Atmosphere), Storage MA/CA, Transportation MA/CA
Medical :
Others :

QF2G Cylinder Valve

Type: QF-2G

WP(MPa): 15

DN(mm): 4

Medium: O2, N2, Air

Outlet Thread: G5/8-14-RH-INT

Inlet thread: PZ27.8

Safety Device: 21 +- 1.5 MPa



Seamless Steel Cylinders for Industrial Gases are widely used in:

  • Welding
  • Flame or plasma cutting
  • Machinery engineering
  • ... many other areas

Our company supplies variety products from (1m3) one meter cubic, (6m3) six meter cubic, and (7m3) seven meter cubic gas filled cylinders for medical use.